Bug Bounties

TonTogether values the security of its platform and encourages responsible disclosure of any vulnerabilities in its smart contracts. To incentivize researchers and promote a safe environment, TonTogether offers bug bounties. Here are the details:

  1. Scope of Bug Bounties: TonTogether's bug bounties cover security vulnerabilities found in its smart contracts and associated components.

  2. Responsible Disclosure: If you discover a vulnerability, please report it promptly and privately to the TonTogether team. Responsible disclosure is highly encouraged.

  3. Bounty Rewards: TonTogether provides rewards of up to $TOT, based on the severity and impact of the vulnerability. The TonTogether team will assess each submission and determine the appropriate reward amount.

  4. Mitigation and Fixes: In the event of a vulnerability discovery, TonTogether is committed to taking immediate action. This includes promptly addressing the issue, deploying necessary fixes, and ensuring the security of the platform.

By participating in TonTogether's bug bounty program, you contribute to the improvement of platform security and the protection of user funds. TonTogether appreciates your efforts in helping maintain a robust and reliable ecosystem.

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