Risks Disclaimers

Your use of the TonTogether platform involves inherent risks that you should carefully consider before participating. By using TonTogether, you acknowledge and accept the following risks:

  1. Loss of Digital Assets: While participating in the TonTogether Prize Saving Game, there is a risk of potential losses associated with the digital assets you supply to the platform. The value of digital assets can fluctuate, and there is no guarantee of profit or preservation of capital.

  2. Protocol Dependency Risk: TonTogether integrates with various protocols to provide its services. There is a risk that these integrated protocols may encounter issues or fail, which can impact the functionality and security of TonTogether. Although TonTogether only integrates with reputable and well-secured protocols, unforeseen vulnerabilities or disruptions may still occur.

  3. Smart Contract Exploit Risk: TonTogether operates on smart contracts deployed on the TON Blockchain. However, like any decentralized application, there is a risk of potential bugs or vulnerabilities in the smart contracts. These could be exploited by malicious actors, potentially resulting in the loss of funds. To mitigate this risk, TonTogether has undergone professional, third-party smart contract audits, maintains a bug bounty program, and encourages public scrutiny of the codebase.

  4. Wallet Loss Risk: The use of TonTogether requires an TON wallet compatible with the TON Blockchain. If you permanently lose access to your wallet or private keys, you may lose access to your TonTogether funds. It is essential to understand and follow proper wallet backup and recovery procedures to safeguard your assets. TonTogether does not have control over wallet functionalities or recovery mechanisms.

  5. Regulatory and Legal Risks: Participation in TonTogether may be subject to regulations and legal requirements that vary by jurisdiction. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations in your location before using the platform.

  6. No Warranty or Liability: TonTogether is provided on an "as is" basis, without warranties of any kind. No developer or entity involved in the creation of TonTogether will be liable for any claims, damages, losses, or liabilities associated with your use of the platform, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, punitive, or consequential damages.

It is important to conduct your own research, understand the risks involved, and exercise caution when using TonTogether. Only invest funds that you can afford to lose. If you have any doubts or concerns, seek independent financial advice before participating in TonTogether.

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