$TOT Tokenomics

Introducing $TOT, the native token of TonTogether.

With a total supply of 10 billion tokens, $TOT has no VC or team allocation. Instead, it relies on pure earnings through saving. 1% goes to TonUP DAO, 1% for liquidity provision, and 90% is earned through staking. Staking $TOT offers incentives and governance rights, empowering users to participate actively. The token's value is driven by market dynamics and demand within the TonTogether ecosystem, fostering a sustainable and rewarding community.

TonTogether has devised a comprehensive tokenomics strategy to empower users in their crypto journey and expand the utility of the thriving TON ecosystem. With a Total Token Supply of 10 Billion, we are committed to creating a sustainable and vibrant ecosystem:

  • Token Buybacks: We conduct regular token buyback from the market to strengthen liquidity and establish a strong Liquidity Pool. By repurchasing tokens from the market, we bolster liquidity, ensuring a vibrant marketplace for users to trade and participate in various activities within the TonTogether ecosystem.

  • Token Burning: To enhance the value and scarcity of our tokens, we actively contribute to token burning. Transaction fees incurred on the platform are utilized to burn tokens, reducing the overall supply. This strategy promotes scarcity, which benefits token holders and contributes to long term value appreciation.

  • Continuous Rewards: At TonTogether, we highly value user participation and aim to reward it accordingly. Our continuous rewards program offers diverse unlocking mechanisms that allow users to maximize benefits without any loss. Engaging with our platform not only contributes to the growth of the TON ecosystem but also provides ongoing incentives for users.

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