Distribution Model

Here at TonTogether, we place a strong emphasis on transparency. Our distribution model is designed to promote fairness and community driven benefits. The profits generated from user staking go through a transparent and accountable distribution process:

  • Token Treasury: 80% of the profits are allocated to our platform treasury, which is managed with complete transparency. These funds are then distributed among lucky users based on predefined reward rules, ensuring that prizes are distributed fairly within the community. Additionally, a certain amount of $TOT tokens will be created from the platform treasury as an extra reward for users. This helps enhance their overall experience and encourages active participation.

  • Token Buyback: To ensure market stability, 19% of the profits are allocated to buying back $TOT tokens, which form a Liquidity Pool. This pool helps maintain sufficient liquidity for trading activities while also increasing market efficiency and reducing price volatility. Moreover, continuous transaction fees contribute to token burning, further promoting supply demand balance.

  • Team Allocation: As a way of showing appreciation for the contributions, 1% of the profits is allocated to our team members. This allocation fosters a harmonious ecosystem and aligns our team’s interests with those of the community, ensuring shared commitment to the success of our platform.

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